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Barefoot Bowling Perth area

We love having Barefoot Bowlers at our club!

Barefoot Bowls is a great way to have fun and socialise with friends and/ or work colleagues.  We have all of the necessary equipment for you and your party to enjoy themselves. Our club members will be close at hand to assist where required and offer coaching for those that would like it.  There are two top quality grass bowling greens that can be floodlit if you are playing on into the evening.

Belmont City Bowling Club Bare Foot Bowling

Grass greens need a great deal of maintenance and, although our ground staff are incredible, we must also ask users to help us. Please comply with the following in order to keep the greens in good playing order.

  • Footwear: Go barefoot or wear flat-soled runners on the playing surface. No other footwear is permitted.
  • Drinks: Please keep drinks off the greens. Spilled drinks attract ants onto the surface and nesting ants are difficult to eradicate.
  • Drives: Bowls delivered with force are fun but they may be dangerous for other players. Liaise with a Club Assistant before you think about firing away.
  • Safety: Children cannot play on the greens without supervision. Child-safe bowls are available on request for children who are under supervision.
  • Fun: Have plenty of it! Enjoy yourselves!

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